Flairology also feels a responsibility to the community to develop skilled bartenders, which is where our humble academy comes in.

Our courses

Standard Bartending Course

3 months – (5 days a week) 2 hrs a day, Morning And Evening Batches

Bar – History, Layout & Types
Bartender – Types, Duties & Responsibilities, Qualities Of Bartenders & Mixologist.
Garnishing & Ice
Classification Of Beverages
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Spirits Of The World – Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Brandy, Liqueurs and many more. (Defination, History, Etymology, Production, Types, Brand Names & Cocktails)
Fermented Drinks – Beer, Perry, Sake, Cider & Mead. (Defination, History, Etymology, Production, Types, Brand Names & Cocktails)
Wine – Defination, History, Etymology, Production, Types, Brand Names & Cocktails, Wine Regions, Reading Wine Labels, Viticulture, Vinification, Wine Laws and Food Pairing)
Methodology Of Combining & Mixing Drinks
Tasting Notes And Food Pairing Spirits.
Refrigeration: Storage and Temperatures
Styles Of Cocktails
Modern Trends Of Bartending
Bitters, Tincture, Shrubs and Syrups – Definition, Production, Brands and Types
Introduction To Basic flair, Work Flair, Exhibition Flair & Fire Flair
Different Formats Used In Bars.

Fees: 35000/- +18%GST
(Barkits And Uniforms Inclusive)

Advance Flair Bartending Course

4 months + 1 month internship – (5 days a week) 2 hrs a day, Morning And Evening Batches

Standard Bartending Course
Menu Engineering, Menu Matrix, Menu Planning and Menu Designing.
Inventory and Costing
Molecular Mixology – Caviars, Spherification, Frozen Drinks, Smoked Cocktails, Jello Shots, Live Alcoholic Ice Cream.
Introduction FLR and it’s Format
Homebrewing – Wine, Kombucha, Beer, Tepache.
Modern Mixology Techniques – Infusions, Clarified Drinks, Fat Washing, Alcoholic Creams, Flavoured Sodas
Advance Garnishing
Advance Flair – Work Flair, Exhibition Flair, Fire Flair and Craft Flair.

Fees : 65000/- +18%GST
(Barkits And Uniforms Inclusive)

Flair Bartending Course

2 months – (5 days a week) 2 hrs a day, Morning And Evening Batches

Work Flair (2 Tin 2 Bottle)
Exhibition Flair (3 bottles)
Fire Flair (3 Bottles)
Craft Flair (Spoon, Straw, Can, Glasses, Tissue, Fruit Flair)
(Filps, Rolls, Around The World, Passes, Stalls, Speed Round, Competition Training, Snatch)
Introduction To Bar Tricks
Pouring (Cut Pour, Reverse Pour, Free Pour, Jigger Pour, Tiger Grip, Reverse Grip)

Fees: 25000/- +18%GST
(Flairkit And Uniforms Inclusive)

Weekend/Hobby Course (Suitable for home bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts)


1 Day :  4 Hours


Basic Garnishes

5 Classic Cocktails

5 Innovative Cocktails

Introduction To Mixing Drinks

Basics of Whisky Vodka Gin Rum Tequila

Basics Of Food Pairing With Cocktails

5 Basic Flair Moves

Fees : 5000/- +18%GST

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