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Founders of Flairology

Flairology was set up by two geniuses, Pankaj Kamble and Sachin Gowda, who happen to be prodigies of Mixology & Flair. When these like-minded creative people came together , they formed a formidable team. The Two of them changed the landscape of bartending in India and set themselves for global competition in terms of providing bartending services and training to recruits in the academy they have formed.

Pankaj and Sachin are just experts but proved their mettle on Colors TV channel when they became Guinness world record holders. They happen to be the youngest so far nationally and in the international space to hold such records. They have also won the top 2 positions at an event held at Grand Hyatt in India at the Skyy vodka Global flair bartending competition in the year 2011.

Sachin has participated in the Dubai Skyy global flair bartending competition in 2011, bagging first place. Pankaj also represented the country in the national cocktail championship in Angostura, coming first and getting the honor to travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

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Vijendra Pawar
Chief Of Accounts
WhatsApp: 9004691055
Sindhur Gowda
Event & Academy Liaison
Flair Trainer
WhatsApp: 9591270540
Sachin Gowda
CEO, Founder
WhatsApp 09552660505
Monish Raj. D. A
Regional Head
WhatsApp: 9611843026
Atharva Belpande
Event & Academy Liaison
Theory Trainer
WhatsApp: 9665076766
Atharva Belpande
Event & Academy Liaison
Theory Trainer
WhatsApp: 9665076766
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OUR Testimonials

By Celebrities

Woow guys, you are fantastic & a treat to see you performing and congrats for the Guiness World record.
You guys are mind blowing. Hats-off to you. Things what you do are brilliant! | dont have words to describe.
Pankaj & Sachin duo with Fab skill, Flair and Professionalism. For sure the best margarita ever tasted!
Celebrity Chef
Your Flair Performance is extremely entertaning and what skills and techinque you have, its just unbelivable. I have seen a bartender who does regular fire thingy, but your skill are two..three..four levels higher and I must say your drinks are fabulous.
They are one of the best bartenders in India, also they are Guinnes World Reocrd holders. OMG! their skills are mind blowing. Flair together in sync doing so many thing, its mind blowing. It was great experience for me to learn few trick of flair bartending from them. Thank you & cheers.
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