We are also highly regarded for our consults, providing impetus to every decision and expertise in managing bar management as a business proposition.
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Trends come and go, but you will see growth in this profession. Innovation is not only seen in technology. Bartending also gets to see many changes. Many people take up this as a livelihood and enjoy being behind the bar and kicking up a storm by serving made-to-order drinks and giving them the satisfaction of people having a good time.

New elements come in, and techniques may alter. New skill sets are required, but they are part and parcel of every bartender’s life who will upskill each moment they attend events and content upgrading as they go on in their bartending journey.

Our team brainstorms every concept that may work for clients and meet their demands. The designing and creative inputs get implemented in a synchronized and tangible manner, so there is no room for error when execution comes to play. Since we initially work on balancing the essential elements, functionality costs, reliability, usage, and appearance fall in place.

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You can note that we are here to help in every aspect connected to the beverage industry. With expertise and experience in our kitty, we can proudly say that we can share some excellent tips to make your career or business make waves. As years passed, challenges grew, we learned more and knew what we should do and thus helped to navigate better and provide the same for those seeking our consultation. Our two record-holders seem to have paved the way for us, and we have never looked back.

Our customers always found to bring something new to their party and showcase interesting techniques and unique drinks made right then and there with a live audience applauding our talent. This has made us march right ahead, take on new steps in the beverage industry, and achieve success each time we try.

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We are known for our extensive menus. Our team can customize and design them for every occasion or event you plan to have. Our experienced professionals can work out your guest list and plan for the menu that conveniently fits into every drinker’s taste and choice. Flairology just doesn’t stick with the same old average drink with an appetizer. However, we know what makes you find the right pick of drinks and food items that make your guest go wow.

Our bartender works out the perfect balance in the menu of cocktails and mocktails that can be part of the servings. With experts on our side, we have the advantage of giving you what will be a visual appeal and how we can help you make good use of the grand occasion by making every serving special.

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A great deal of learning and experience has made us set up this academy so that we can help our recruits to be the best bartenders. Our staff and training personnel collaborated efforts to fulfill the aspirations of dozens of candidates who dream to ace the bartending profession. We are able to provide the infrastructure and tools that they can use with in-house training to make the best in the business. Our training will enable them to become outstanding bartenders with exceptional qualities that they get to hone through our expert guidance.

Providing Solutions

Consultant for Sayaji Properties – Indore & Pune

Training and workshop on mixology Menu and standards operation

Sr Harry lounge bar – East Africa

Staff Training Cocktail Menu Bar Concepts

Mapro – India

Training on mixology Beverage menu

Fusion 9 – Hydredbad

Concept Development Beverage Training

Consultant Trainer Playboy – India

Flair Training Mixology Training Operation Menu development

Bdesi café n Bar

Concept and Menu Development Staff Training and Operations

Westin Hotel – Pune

Bar operation management Bar & beverage training Beverage menu

Post 91

Menu Development Bar and Beverage Training , Bar Set up. Standards operation

Riva Lounge

Menu Staff Training Operation Set Up.

Mumbai Delights – Malaysia

Bar Menu Staff Training Bar Set up and Concept Development

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