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At Flairology, we believe that it is our responsibility to create the best bartenders and we’ve taken a step in that direction by setting up our own bartending academy. 

about us

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We think it is our obligation at Flairology to develop the best bartenders, and we’ve taken a step in that direction by establishing our own bartending academy.

When you recognise that you are the masters of bartending, it becomes a community responsibility to train skilled bartenders. Sharing knowledge for the greater good of the world has never caused any damage. As a result, our Flairology Academy was born, where we place a high importance on teaching knowledge necessary to become a complete and professional bartender. We train the new generation in current mixology with sleek operational skills, keeping in mind the hospitality industry’s requirement for fashionable, efficient, and inventive bartending talents.



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Every graduating student should be industry-ready for any worldwide project.

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Students will be prepared to begin a successful career as a world-class bartender.

Our mission

To offer students with academic knowledge, practical skills, and career confidence.



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We teach the world’s most developed bartending course designed by experts, to train the upcoming generation, keeping in mind the huge hospitality demand of stylish, efficient and innovative bartending skills.

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The Training Team is passionate, adaptable, and committed to your success.

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Rohit Kasare
Abhijeet Roy
Priyanka Devsaria
Anuj Negi
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